Mindfulness Meditation: practice and the neuroscience

New to Mindfulness Meditation? Why Mindfulness? Mindfulness practice trains the capacity to be fully present with all that life presents, whatever the challenge which might unfold. Life sometimes just comes barreling at us and with mindfulness we learn to find ease and wise discernment even in the difficult times.

Learn about the neuroscience and stress biology and what research now tells us about how meditation affects your body and brain.

We explore ways to be mindful in everyday life as well as formal meditation practices. Investigation of the mind-body connection will be at the center of our exploration.

In addition to new meditators, this class provides ongoing support for MBSR 8 Week Course Graduates and those who want to recharge their practice. Come with your questions, practice obstacles and curiosity.

Whole Foods "yoga studio"

3535 NE 15th, Portland

Register below: sliding scale donation of $12 - $20

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