drop-in Mindfulness Meditation: practice and neuroscience

New to Mindfulness Meditation? Why Mindfulness? Mindfulness practice trains the capacity to be fully present with all that life presents, whatever the challenge which might unfold. Life sometimes just comes barreling at us and with mindfulness we learn to find ease and wise discernment even in the difficult times.

In this drop-in class, whether you are new to mindfulness practice or have a meditation practice and looking for a tune-up, this is a great place to touch into a little calm, a little stillness and learn more about cultivating mindfulness practice in every aspect of your life. Come with your questions, practice obstacles and curiosity.

We explore ways to be mindful in everyday life and also engage in formal meditation practices. Investigation of the mind-body connection will be at the center of our exploration.

No reservation required.

Whole Foods "yoga studio"

3535 NE 15th, Portland

Tuesday evenings, 6:30 - 7:45 PM

Sliding Scale: $10 - $20 at the door

Enter the “Team Members Only” door at the back of the store, just right of the seafood department. Head up the stairs and the yoga studio is an immediate left at the top of the stairs. The management asks that shoes be removed before entering the studio.

Check the calendar to be sure we are meeting

Questions? Feel free to write using the contact form