Sustaining your Journey series

This online series is for MBSR graduates and those who have a regular mindfulness meditation practice and would like the chance to check in about practice once a month. Here you can build in the time to address and find ways to work with the obstacles which arise in sustaining practice.

The series is about sharing a common intention of aligning how we are in the world with how we want to be, by exploring and further cultivating practice. This is a confidential container in which to investigate areas where we might feel stuck or reactive. These are not advice sessions, but a place with the shared intention to keep exploring with kindness and curiosity to further tap into our innate compassion and wisdom.

Wednesday evenings 6:00 - 7:30 PM

All online course offerings rely on video conferencing via The minimum requirements in order to take the class are having a computer (best) or tablet or smart phone (some limitations) with speakers, microphone, and video capabilities (webcam), and a high-speed internet connection.

Facilitator: Nancy Boros, UMass CfM Qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher

Class cost is $70 for the 4 month series. Registration and payment can be made here