online Foundations of Mindfulness Practice


Does is seem like your life is just too busy and stressed? Are you curious to explore the benefits of mindfulness meditation, but not ready for the full 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course? Here is some information on the benefits of mindfulness practice from Harvard Health

This 4-week series introduces foundational practices in mindfulness meditation, instruction on meditation posture, mindful movement and adaptive yoga. It includes short guided formal meditations. Informal practices, information and research on neuroplasticity and the neurobiology of stress are also covered. It includes a 4-hour retreat (required) between weeks three and four. The practices in this series are informed by various mindfulness-based curricula. This course is by design online only, in real time and interactive and delivered via the platform

Support for MBSR grads

Those who have taken the MBSR 8-Week course will find this foundations course a great opportunity to invigorate and refresh your mindfulness mediation practice, with both formal and informal practices. 

To Bring this online course to your group

If you would like to organize your group to take this online course, please connect and we can work out details for a time a day to offer the four week series.

Cost for the online series: 

$300 per person (group minimum of 8)

$270 person (group of 9 or more up to 20)

PLEASE NOTE: Online course offerings rely on video conferencing via The minimum requirements in order to take the course are having a computer (best) or tablet (some limitations) with speakers, microphone, and video capabilities (webcam), and a high-speed internet connection. 

Online registration takes place after the details and timing of the course have been confirmed for your group.